The Mullan Public Library is located in Mullan Idaho, nestled deep in the "Panhandle" of the beautiful mountains of North Idaho.  From the windows of our library, patrons can enjoy breathtaking views around our small town, always accompanied by LOTS of snow during the winter months. 

Mullan is a town of about 700 people, located approximately six miles from the Lookout Ski area on the Idaho/Montana border and 20 Miles from Silver Mountain, another ski area in Kellogg, Idaho.  Mullan is the eastern-most town of the "Silver Valley" which also includes the towns of Wallace, Silverton, Osburn, Kellogg, Pinehurst and Kingston.  Mining has traditionally been the primary industry in this mineral-rich valley of silver ore, lead, zinc, and copper.  Despite difficult times in the mining industry in the past decades, several mines continue to operate and perform very well, including the Lucky Friday Mine in Mullan.  Other industries in the area include timber and tourism.  

The tourism industry has grown substantially within the Silver Valley in recent years. In addition to two nearby ski resorts, Mullan residents and visitors enjoy snowmobiling on numerous roads and trails throughout the area.  They can also enjoy access to excellent bicycle trails that attract high numbers of tourists during the off-winter months.  Finally, Mullan has many popular hiking trails in the area that attract anyone who desires more than just a little adventure!  Mountain lakes and rivers are just a drive or a hike away for people who desire to fish or simply relax while enjoying peace and solitude the North Idaho way.   

Several popular hangouts are within walking distance from the library.  The city park, located across the street, is where residents often sit and relax to converse with one another and watch the children play. Next to the park is the Mullan Museum, an excellent place to browse and learn more about the town and its rich mining history.  Down the street is the Lutheran Church, which has services on Sunday and also offers activities in its basement community center during the week.  If you're hungry, you can get great meals at The Outlaw Bar and Grill and the Mullan Corner.  Feel like exploring our beautiful mountains and having a picnic?  Gas up at the Mullan Trail Gas & Grocery on the edge of town, and spend an extra night or two at the Lookout Motel or the Mullan Trail!.